Abstract expressionist painter Samantha Redfern

Artist: Samantha Redfern

What inspired you to become an artist?

My father is an engineer professionally but has always produced the most amazing photo-realistic drawings and paintings. I haven’t inherited his skill in terms of photorealism, but I have inherited his passion for art. Growing up, we had art literature full of outstanding and inspiring artworks.

Garden City

What are the most fascinating aspects of ‘city’ that became your inspiration?

It’s interesting because I find my love of the city and my love of nature conflict. I find it hard to know that every time we expand or build, it’s at the cost of nature. At the same time, I love the city because I enjoy people watching. Just sitting and watching the world go by. I love to walk down Orchard Road (the central shopping belt in Singapore) and feel part of the iconic surroundings and history. But I also need to escape to the jungle to get in touch with nature and absorb the quiet.

Burning Sky

For creativity reasons, some artists use tools or mediums in a different way than intended. Is there a particular tool or media that you prefer to use differently?

I’m not sure I do anything particularly profound with the media I use. But I do try to use it in multiple ways. I paint in acrylic, and I use it mixed heavily with water to create washes, I also use heavy body acrylics, and I mix paints with mediums to increase their transparency. I use brushes, pencils, a straw from Starbucks and my hands to apply and blend in some paintings.

City Of Fortune

Who are your top 2 favourite artists? What’s in their style that captures you?

That is a tough question because I don’t so much have a favourite artist. I am pretty fickle because I think I like someone enough to commit them to the status of favourite artist and then my head gets turned. I’m like a kid in a candy store.

The City That Never Sleeps

Why is your art process so unique? What determines your artwork is ready to sell?

Unique is a very strong word. Especially in the art world. You try your best to produce from your heart, but how do I know my art is unique? With all artists, song writers, composers, novel writers etc. we are all trying to bring something new to the world. Sometimes there will be crossovers or similarities. It’s inevitable I suppose.

Neon City



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