Discover the Mesmerising World of Amanda Johnstone: A Fusion of Fashion, Luxury and Art

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4 min readJun 18, 2023
Amanda Johnstone, creating art that is fashion, luxury, escapism, colour, pleasure and want.

Step into the vibrant universe of Amanda Johnstone, a leading mixed-media artist who fearlessly pushes artistic boundaries.

Amanda creates all things ‘ bright and shiny ‘ with her unique ability to meld femininity, fashion, pop art, and contemporary luxury.

Inspired by high-end designers, fashion icons, and the finer things in life, Amanda’s art transports you to a realm where glamour and creativity collide. Meticulously crafted, each piece combines her passions for interior design, photography, and contemporary art.

Amanda expertly combines digital imagery with traditional mediums, employing a layering technique that brings her artwork to life.

The journey begins with a giclée print on canvas or archival cotton rag paper, forming the foundation of Amanda’s creative process. She applies her artistic touch from there, skillfully overlaying 24k gold leaf, silver leaf, oil sticks, acrylic paints, and charcoal. The result is a multi-dimensional artwork that transcends the boundaries of traditional art forms, leaving viewers captivated by its beauty.

Amanda’s creations embody her passions and desires, celebrating and heroing the power of femininity. Each piece reflects her vision, from the graceful…



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