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  • Kaylin Hamilton

    Kaylin Hamilton

    Queer, Autistic ADHDer based in Scotland. PhD in Sociology and Social Policy. Writing about feminism, trans rights, disability and social problems. She/Her.

  • Tammy Hader

    Tammy Hader

    Ex-accountant, lifetime cat lover and avid wearer of hats. Exploring a creative path during the second half of my existence. Visit me at https://tammyhader.com.

  • Chu Rui Heng

    Chu Rui Heng

    Discovering and exploring my life. I love to share my knowledge and be creative. Improving through writing short and valuable articles.

  • Premise Tv

    Premise Tv


  • Growyourclicks.com


    Grow your click courses teaching the world skills in growth hacking, design, tech, and personal development. www.growyourclicks.com

  • Nicholas Hetzler

    Nicholas Hetzler

    Husband. Father. Entreprenewb. Writer. Musician. Trying to learn and grow everyday.

  • madame.exposed


    Digital Storyteller | ✍️ https://mariadima.com/en/ | � �@madame.exp

  • Nicolas Cole

    Nicolas Cole

    100M+ Views | 5x Author | Co-founder of Ship 30 for 30 | Want to start writing online? Get the Ultimate Guide: https://startwritingonline.com

  • Gil Dibner

    Gil Dibner

    A global venture investor. Fascinated by the finance of innovation. Trying to help the few to do the impossible. Investing across Europe + Israel.

  • Daniel Tawfik

    Daniel Tawfik

    CEO of https://zenpatient.com fmr OFA ’08. Follow @dantawfik or email at daniel@zenpatient.com (interested in joining a health tech company? email me)

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