Interview with abstract expressionist painter Lara Scolari

How would you describe your life in relation to art?

My artwork reflects my life and my personality. My artwork is gestural with uninhibited lines, marks and forms — this reflects my generous and free personality. My large-scale unique artworks capture my inner energy and the fullness of my life with layered transparent dioramas of colour, movement and shape.

Boomtown”, Mixed media (ink, pastel, oil stick, rope, gold leaf & varnish), 2019

Which phase was the most challenging? How did you overcome it?

In my life the most challenging yet fabulous phase thus far was having three baby boys within a four-year period — this really tested my energy levels. I was also a very young mum living remotely in the Australian outback with no family support nearby.

Ethereal Cobalt I”, Mixed media (ink, pastel, oil stick, rope & varnish), 2019

How long did you take to craft your art to achieve your signature style?

I started studying in 1996 and then I finished in 2017, during this time I studied every genre within the fine arts including, printmaking, sculpture, drawing, painting, as well as ceramics. I also spent time on still life, abstract, life drawing etc and was fortunate to be able to learn my craft from experts in their field.

Do you think these words “translucency and dimension” are the most appropriate to describe your art style?

Yes, I love the idea of translucency. I use ink rather than any other medium as ink is transparent. Each painting takes me about eight weeks to produce and there are 40 layers of archival ink that I lay down. When I am painting, I am meditating and feeling the energy and flow of what I am creating on canvas. Each layer must be thoroughly dry before I can apply the next to keep the depth of the colour true. Collectors have commented that my works remind them of stained-glass windows because you can see light through the layers, and I love that.

Which level of being an artist do you strive to become? What is your next goal?

I want to continue to evolve and develop my work and my processes in the studio as well as further exploring my theme of Energy — what does energy look like — how do we articulate energy visually? Looking deeper and focusing on the life force beneath the surface that you don’t necessarily see straight away. I encourage people to look deeper and to be confident with their thoughts. There is power in not worrying at all about what anybody else thinks. What they see in the works is what it is. Be true to yourself and your style.



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