LAKI 139: A Passion For Typography

LAKI 139 (aka Simon Slater)

LAKI 139 (aka Simon Slater), is an artist with a passion for typography encompassing everything from graffiti writing and reclaimed metal, to collage and calligraphy in his art work.

LAKI 139 has reflected that as a 1970’s kid, he was routinely exposed to such powerful cultural motifs as Star Wars and other science fiction, the fantasy art of Syd Mead and Boris Vallejo, comic books and horror films — all of which he has described as “a massive influence on my youth”.

Packing a significant punch in his artistic development were two ‘bibles’: Subway Art and Spraycan Art, that have long been regarded as integral documents of the early history of the New York City graffiti movement.

The impact of seeing big letters on trains or walls in different environments and surfaces married with intricate, unique, calligraphic tags spurred on a creative career that saw LAKI 139 continually exploring and honing ways to combine all manner of seemingly tenuously connected elements.

LAKI 139 has gone on to cultivate a signature style that he has described as “a mix of rejected, brutal, disregarded materials with the grace and finesse of calligraphy and a helping of industrial typography.”

In order of appearance ~

‘L-AKIRA’, mixed media on metal panel, 2017
Bad Transmission I’, mixed media on paper, 2018
Bad Transmission II’, mixed media on paper, 2018
Bad Transmission III’, mixed media on paper, 2018
Skavenger’, mixed media on wooden panel, 2018
Electronic Graffiti’ mixed media on reclaimed metal panel, 2014
Silver Machine 1’, mixed media on metallic card, 2015
Silver Machine 2’, mixed media on metallic card, 2015
Trash City’, mixed media on wooden panel, 2018
Collider’, mixed media on card, 2018
Drone’, mixed media on wooden panel, 2017
Epilogue’, mixed media on wooden board, 2016
Untitled’, mixed media on canvas, signed by the artist, 2013

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