🎥 Lights! Camera! Action! 🎬 Free-Spirited Ale Osollo

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1 min readMay 13, 2021
Artist: Ale Osollo, Photography by Nacho Guerrero

Ale Osollo was born in Chihuahua (Mexico) in 1979. Her childhood, adolescence and youth were spent in a society bursting with Mexican customs and traditions.

In her mind and spirit dwells the magical fantasy that has accompanied her in dreams since she was a child. Art gave Ale the outlet to capture this other world using materials that were within her reach at the time — such as vegetables or fruit from the refrigerator and even toilet paper. Today, her works are narratives, rich in symbolism that draw on heritage.

Ale pushes the boundaries with materials and with references. She playfully winks at popular culture and Mexican muralism. In her eagerness to explore and experiment, Ale combines non-traditional materials to achieve the epiphany of a new surface. Her style is considered empirical and irreverent to the fundamental rules of painting. The curious behaviour of compositions or mixtures of materials and tones are part of the game that disturb and excite her artistic soul.

Check out Ale Osollo’s latest video as she talks about what being an artist means to her.

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