Love Lens: Jamie Nelson’s ❤️ Stopping Photography

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4 min readFeb 12, 2024
“Kiss Me”, Jamie Nelson

Feel the love this month Addictees, as Cupid’s arrow has struck us right between the eyes! Love is in the air with enchanting new listings from the queen of amore herself, photographer, Jamie Nelson.

Once again, Jamie captivates us with her mesmerising photography, leaving us with heart-eyed admiration for her delicious Love Series 😍.

About the Love Series

“Where there is love there is life.” — Mahatma Gandhi

In this series, Jamie uses her unique storytelling ability to explore the complex universal theme of love. She defines the collection with the symbology of colour by incorporating feminine hues of reds and pinks. Additionally, she uses graphic in-your-face iconography to speak bluntly on the subject. Known for her less-than-subtle, over-the-top approach, Jamie’s images of love do not disappoint.

Whether speaking about romantic, platonic, or self-love, the artist portrays this multi-faceted concept in her signature tongue-in-cheek style. She delights the viewer with dramatic makeup and exaggerated styling that illustrate the various manifestations of love.

Jamie uses the face as her canvas by plastering the model in graphic heart stickers and playful kiss marks. Jamie also explored the complexity of love during COVID. She…



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