Markus Klinko: The Angel Factory

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4 min readJan 23, 2023
The Angel Factory, Emerald I, West Hollywood, 2023

“We live in a beauty-obsessed culture, which on one hand is absolutely fabulous, but on the flip side, is also dangerously extreme.” ~ Nicolas Winding Refn

We live in a society where beauty precedes many other aspects of life. Our obsession with looking great, and having perfect features and bodies, has driven people to extreme lengths. Plastic surgery has become increasingly popular to alter one’s appearance and achieve the desired look.

Markus Klinko’s latest project, The Angel Factory, explores this phenomenon. The project showcases high-tech medical equipment using fashion models and celebrities in a futuristic clinic setting.

In the words of the artist…

“We live in a society obsessed with looking great and feeling good. From expensive makeup to trendy clothing, there are many ways people try to achieve their desired image. Social media has become one of the biggest influences on our culture today.

“The research for this project has been insightful thus far, and I am excited to explore this issue further through my photography.

“The Angel Factory will reveal all new work. Usually, my shows feature photography commissioned from album covers, advertising campaigns, and magazine shoots. This time, it’s all shot for the exhibitions that will go worldwide in partnership with Erchonia, a global leader in low-level laser technology.

“It promises to be an exciting journey into our society’s obsession with perfectionism through physical means.”

The Angel Factory

The Angel Factory, Emerald II, West Hollywood, 2023
The Angel Factory, Emerald III, West Hollywood, 2023
The Angel Factory, Emerald IV, West Hollywood, 2023
The Angel Factory, Emerald V, West Hollywood, 2023

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