Powerful Visual Metaphors From An Artist Who Is Well Acquainted With Pushing Boundaries

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4 min readMar 11
The Space Cowboy

We dare say that if you had been the holder of more than 50 Guinness World Records — enough to make you your country’s most prolific record-breaker — and had collected a host of awards as a performer, and even had statues of you featured in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museums (OK, you’re probably getting the picture by now), you could be forgiven for not having too much spare time on your hands to pick up a paintbrush. And as for winning genuine acclaim as a visual artist beyond hobbyist dabbling, well… you’re probably approaching the territory of “impossible”.

Not that the daring Australian known worldwide as The Space Cowboy — or Chayne Hultgren to his nearest and dearest — is intimidated by notions of the “impossible”. Indeed, you could say he’s thumbed his nose at it more than a few times — in the process, winning himself over 20 million hits on YouTube and a legion of fans and followers around the globe.

Seasoned at death-defying — but also more than a little handy with a canvas

Many observers will already be familiar with The Space Cowboy because of his spellbinding live performances and stunts.

A natural exhibitionist who was already wooing locals of his native Byron Bay with his unconventional skills before his ninth birthday, the multidisciplinary artist has gone firmly global over the years, pulling off captivating feats of sword-swallowing, shooting streams of electricity from his fingertips, chainsaw juggling on a giant unicycle, blindfolded arrow catching, and speed painting. It’s no wonder he has proved such a reliable small-screen crowd-pleaser down the years on such shows as Australia’s Got Talent, Officially Amazing, and Outrageous Acts of Science.

Now, at this point, you might be thinking… aren’t those folks at Addicted Art Gallery generally in the business of promoting a slightly different form of visual artistry? This is a fact that brings us…

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