Rasha Eleyan’s “Revolution Is Female” Series: An Artistic Uprising

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4 min readJan 12, 2024
Artist: Rasha Eleyan

In contemporary pop art, Rasha Eleyan emerges as a powerful voice, wielding her brush to articulate the world’s complexities around her. Her latest limited edition giclée prints, continue her Revolution Is Female series. The prints are not just a collection of aesthetically pleasing artworks but a profound expression of frustration and revolt against the uncontrollable forces shaping our lives.

At the core of Rasha’s art is a dedication to a cause that has shaped her identity-Palestine. “My series sheds light on the vital role of Palestinian women in revolting against the occupation,” says Rasha. Inspired by the Arabic saying “revolution is female”, her art not only aligns with a common phrase in the Middle East but is deeply associated with the resilience of Palestinian women.

Rasha describes her series as an attempt to scream her frustrations at the top of her lungs, yet with subtlety and decorum. The collection is not just a personal catharsis; it stems from a collective sense of loss during a time marked by confusion and uncertainty.

“My work serves as a way to deal with unexpected change — and trying to revolt against rules beyond my control,” explains Rasha. The artworks within Revolution Is Female are laden with symbolism, offering an undeniably female perspective on issues like women’s rights, men’s authority, the challenges of the art market, and the quest to make sense of a world gone astray.

Rasha’s artistic journey extends beyond the canvas to the socio-political landscape of the Middle East. Her previous works, delving into themes like cultural heritage, have captured the essence of contemporary society in the region. The artist’s unique pop art style becomes a vehicle for conveying powerful messages that resonate deeply with viewers on an emotional level.

The Symbolism Within “Revolution Is Female”

Art is a powerful medium to convey complex emotions, cultural narratives, and political statements. Incorporating symbols serves as a means of expression, allowing artists to communicate their perspectives and stories. An example of this is the use of the cactus in Palestinian art as a symbol of resilience and patience reflecting the enduring spirit of the people in the face of…



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