The Art of Seeing: The Photography of Florian Innerkofler

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3 min readMar 26
Photographer: Florian Innerkofler

Exciting news! Addicted is thrilled to announce our collaboration with the talented Florian Innerkofler.

Florian (b. 1977) is a Canadian contemporary photographer born in Innsbruck, Austria. He graduated from the Higher School of Architecture in Innsbruck and began his photography journey.

Florian moved to Vienna after graduating cum laude from the State School of Photography. He assisted renowned photographer Andreas H. Bitesnich for multiple years and worked with Hollywood photographer Greg Gorman.

As a photographer, Florian travels around the globe on assignments from New York City to Tokyo, exploring East and West and even reaching the remote Arctic Circle. He works for magazines and clients as diverse as Vogue Beauty, Glamour, Marie Claire, L’Orèal Paris, Rimmel London and Universal Music, to name a few.

For Florian, photography is more than just taking pictures. It’s about looking beyond the surface and seeing the world through his unique lens. His interpretation of photography is not just about capturing a moment in time but rather about capturing the essence of that moment. He explains, “It’s about creating an emotion, a feeling, a memory.”

Get ready to immerse yourself in a stunning array of captivating visuals that will take your breath away as we welcome Florian to the Addicted Family.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of our favourites:

Shanghai Mirage, China, 2022

BWB, Profilo, 2022

TV Test Pattern x Shakira, China, 2011

Silhouettes Of Tien, Kunming, China, 2011

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