The World According To Joe Webb

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4 min readFeb 24

Joe Webb is a British artist who has gained recognition for his visually stunning and thought-provoking collages. Joe creates surreal and striking compositions using vintage magazines and printed materials that challenge the viewer’s perception of reality.

One of the hallmarks of Joe’s work is his ability to seamlessly merge disparate images and create a sense of unity and coherence. He uses his artistic skills to create aesthetically pleasing and conceptually rich collages.

“I started making these hand-made collages as a reaction to working as a graphic artist on computers for many years. I like the limitations of collage… using found imagery and a pair of scissors, there are no Photoshop options to resize, adjust colours or undo.

“My collages work to a basic rule of sourcing just two or three images… with these, I can reinvent the original scene to communicate a new idea,” commented Joe.

In addition to his collage work, Joe has produced a series of screen prints featuring bold graphics and vibrant colours. A range of subjects, including politics, popular culture, and social issues, inspires his prints.

Joe’s work has been exhibited in galleries and art fairs worldwide. His collages have been featured in numerous publications, including The Guardian and The Evening Standard magazine. Coldplay has bought his artwork, his work cited for their music video ‘Up&Up’, and record label companies have commissioned him to make the album art for artists such as Janelle Monae and Tears for Fears.

Joe Webb is a talented and innovative artist who has significantly contributed to the contemporary art scene. His work continues to inspire and captivate audiences around the world.

Thirst III

Environmental concerns and a call to stop and think are often at the heart of Joe’s work.

“We have everything we need. The world is there on a platter. We live in a kind of auto-pilot mode, not really looking up at the world and appreciating the moment that we’re in.” ~ Joe Webb.

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