Tunku Khalsom: Second Chance 🦋

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6 min readAug 8, 2022

Khalsom is an international artist of British and Malaysian descent, and has been living in Singapore for over ten years. An Interior Architecture graduate (2006), Khalsom has a background in design, but in recent years has been firmly focused on her dynamic art. As a self-taught abstract artist, she is revered for her work which exudes fluidity and stunning colour, whilst embracing the concepts of life, love and change.

“In my art I’m looking for beauty in the chaos, beauty in the imperfections.”

Second Chance

In the words of the artist:

“We all deserve a second chance!

“This series looks at second chances in more ways than one.

“Firstly, and probably most logically, a few pieces were lying around my home and studio that were half finished, semi-forgotten. I’d see them with one eye open, pretending they didn’t exist. I kept saying to myself that I would finish them at some point. Waste not, want not. I always hang onto them when I have one of my freakouts and have to throw everything out. Haha, some of you know this happens a lot.

“So, too special for my neighbour who gets my cast-offs. Funny, if we passed each other in the street, neither of us would have any idea, but his home is full of my work on its way to the bin. I have no idea what he does with it! (I know this upsets many of you. Soz.)

“So I reworked, repainted and reimagined six pieces and came up with this collection that screams abundance.

“My last series, Chapter 2, was minimal and monochrome. This series is a total 180. It’s wild, mad, abundant, happy, free, exciting, and full of colour! (I almost feel bad for Elena and Blair, who have to live with my madness surrounding them in their gallery. Almost. 😂)

“The way I see it if things didn’t work the first time and you do get that ‘second chance’, do it with spirit, with gusto, with passion. Throw everything you’ve got into it; otherwise, what’s the point? It might be your second chance, and it also may be your last.

“Hah, can you imagine what a 3rd chance would look like?”

Look At Me Now

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