Unveiling the World Through the Lens of Florian Innerkofler: A Photographer’s Journey

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4 min readApr 5

Our Artist of the Week: Florian Innerkofler

We are always proud here at Addicted Art Gallery to announce a new addition to our complement of talented artists. And one of our latest — Canada’s very own Florian Innerkofler — has set out his stall as a contemporary photographer with formidable credentials in both commercial and high-art spheres, as demonstrated across what has already fast become an impressive career.

Born in 1977 to a Dutch mother and an Austrian father in the Austrian city of Innsbruck, Florian Innerkofler attended the city’s Higher School of Architecture, and it was during this period his photography journey effectively began.

Sure enough, Florian went on to study at the State School of Photography — from which he graduated cum laude — before moving to Vienna.

A sprawling global journey in more ways than one…

To date, one of the most notable aspects of Florian’s career has been his willingness to do more than a spot of globetrotting in search of the assignments that have helped fuel his creative practice.

This eagerness helped put him in touch with photographic luminaries including Andreas H. Bitesnich and Greg Gorman during the earlier stages of his career. It is a tendency that sustains him today, as he tackles projects in such wide-ranging corners of the world as New York City, Tokyo, the remote Arctic Circle, and almost anywhere else one could care to mention.

On location: Sintra Air Base, Portugal

Along the way, Florian has picked up quite the list of credits, distinguishing himself for clients and publications including Vogue Beauty, Marie Claire, Glamour, L’Oréal Paris, Rimmel London, Universal Music, AEZ Wheels, and the Silhouette eyewear brand.

It is fascinating, however, to see the ongoing creative ‘conversation’ between the parallel and frequently complementary worlds in which the photographer operates.

Just recently, for instance, his artwork was featured in the Style section of leading Canadian newspaper The Globe and…

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